Multiplace Chambers

With our designs that can be changed from 6 to 20 people according to the needs of our customers, our HBOT cabins are produced in accordance with EN 14931 standards and are delivered only when the post-production tests are completed.


We continue our developments with our engineering team to ensure that our patients who are treated in the cabins are primarily for safety and then comfortable throughout their treatment.


We encourage our customers to participate in the design phase before the production starts in line with their various needs and come to our design studio to achieve the most successful result in customization studies.



Weight8 – 20 ton
Working Pressure2.0 bar – 6.0 bar
Testing Pressure4.0 bar – 10.0 bar
Diameter2 m – 2.5 m
Length4.0 m – 8.5 m
Capacity6 – 20 kişi
Optional ExtrasAutomation
CertificatesPED + Medical CE

Monoplace Chambers

We offer the most comfortable HBOT experience with our full or half acrylic solutions for the patients who want to be treated alone or who need to be treated alone due to health conditions while keeping the safety standards at the forefront.


Due to the limited space compared to multi-person chambers, there are climate control and entertainment systems among the options we provide for the patients to be comfortable during their treatments.



Weight1 – 2 ton
Working Pressure2.0 bar – 3.0 bar
Testing Pressure4.0 bar – 6.0 bar
Diameter1.3 m – 1.8 m
Length2.0 m – 2.5 m
Capacity1 kişi
Optional ExtrasAutomation
CertificatesPED + Medical CE

Pet Animal Chambers

Our pet animal chambers, which we have manufactured by taking the highest security measures for our loving friends, are now possible to reach hyperbaric oxygen therapy for all small animals with their personalized features in line with the wishes of our customers.

Horse Chambers

With our bell and rectangular hyperbaric chambers, we have developed for large animals such as professional racer horses, all animals we value now will be able to benefit from hyperbaric oxygen therapy. In addition to the increasingly widespread use of hyperbaric cabins, which have been used for the rapid treatment of injuries in racehorses in the USA for a long time, the problem of transporting injured animals with the mobile cabin solution we have developed is now over.

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